Our classroom app is our gift to parents, bringing parents and children closer together during the day and at home. With our classroom app, we make it possible for parents to take an active part in their child’s day – "visiting the school", viewing activities, and staying connected in a way that other schools cannot match. Parents repeatedly mention that the classroom app is not only a feature they appreciate that bridges the gap of separation, but as something that actively brings them closer together with their children at home by providing a range of discussion topics after the school day.



It’s the most common feeling in the world – the distance and separation of sending your children to school for the first time. During those early years, the long hours apart can be torturous, which is where the idea for a classroom app came from. The idea was first presented to us by parents who wanted more than anything for their children to experience the benefits of preschool, but who missed their children dearly. The app is a way to give you peace of mind. Give your child the education you feel he or she deserves while remaining connected to them throughout the day via our classroom app that enables your child's teacher to send you live reports, videos and pictures of your child at school throughout the day.



When you enroll at Princeton Preparatory, you are automatically enrolled into the app. The main difference between our classroom app and online video recording is that parents may not always see their own children in live video recordings, while our classroom app shows your child engaging in various learning activities throughout the day.


It’s as great way for parents to feel connected, and also get involved in school activities. Our staff actively informs parents of special moments so they always keep "in touch" with their children. Imagine being able to have a real conversation about events that have an immediate, formative impact on your child’s life like you were there?


That’s what our classroom app does for our parents, and we are proud to provide it.