Frequently Asked Questions

Does my child need previous Montessori experience to be considered for admission, especially for older grades? 

Previous experience in a Montessori classroom is helpful, but not a necessity to be considered for admission for children below 7 years old. Students older than 7 are admitted on a case by case basis. 

What grade level will my child be placed in?

At Princeton we follow the child. The Montessori method focuses on developmental milestones rather than academics. By placing children in multi-age classrooms, they are able to progress according to their ability rather than basing academic achievement on age. At Princeton, the sky is the limit.

How long has the school been in existence?

Princeton Preparatory Schools was founded in January 2015 to meet the need for an education approach that is child centered with dedicated and committed teachers in Kennesaw and the surrounding communities. The school was started for preschool-aged children ages 3 to 6 years and has evolved to include toddler, elementary, and various enrichment programs during the regular school year, and summer school during the summer months. For more information read Programs.

What is your curriculum?

Most parents wonder what curriculum we use but the Montessori Method is the curriculum. There is a framework which specifies learning outcomes and the knowledge and skills to be learned. It is divided into the Montessori areas of learning:

  • Practical Life

  • Sensorial

  • Mathematics

  • Language and Literacy

  • Cultural Subjects (which include Geography, History, Natural Sciences, Experimental Sciences)

  • Creative Subjects (Art and Craft, Music and Movement, Drama)

It is important for prospective parents to note that unlike traditional education, the Montessori Method is child specific. Being that Montessori classrooms are a "prepared environment"  the children learn through the use of materials. As they progress, new material is introduced to them. For example, a three year old may not concentrate enough to learn addition and subtraction as a five year would. Therefore, the Montessori teacher introduces practical life and sensorial activities to help build on the concentration. Activities like pouring, and sewing, and measuring all build the child's concentration and when he/she is ready, concepts that require concentration are introduced. That is why when you enter our classrooms you will find children doing different activities during the three hour uninterupted work period.

Do I have to be a Christian to attend Princeton Preparatory Schools?

Our school is fortunate to have a vibrant community where diversity is embraced from our staff to our families. We are all about love and embracing everyone is what we are all about.

"Love the Lord with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind... and love your neighbor as yourself." ~ Jesus Christ, Matt. 22:37-39

Will I pay extra for afternoon activities?

No. All school programs are included in tuition. We do not charge extra for lessons or any other school programs offered during the school day between 8:30am and 3:00pm.

What type of parent involvement do you have at Princeton Preparatory?

Our school is fortunate to have an active and vibrant community made up of parents, grandparents, staff and volunteers. Each family is invited to volunteer throughout the school year. There are many different volunteer opportunities including, helping with events, chaperoning field trips; and helping with special school activities (Grandparents’ Day, Book Fairs, Sports Day, etc.). For more information read the Parent Portal.


Is the school accredited?

Princeton Preparatory Schools is accredited with quality (AWQ) the highest accreditation issued by Georgia Accrediting Commission (GAC) and we are a member school of the International Montessori Council (IMC), North American Montessori Teachers' Association (NAMTA), and, Christian Montessori Fellowship (CMF).

What qualifications do your teachers have?

Our Montessori teachers possess a Bachelor’s degree or higher in education or a related field. In addition, they have received their Montessori certification either from Association of Montessori International (AMI), or American Montessori Society (AMS) certification for the level at which they are teaching. Occasionally we will hire a teacher who will teach while attending a Montessori teacher education program. Successful completion of the program is required for continued employment. 


Do you offer year-round care?

Yes! Though Princeton Preparatory School follows a typical school-year calendar, we do offer an eight-week 

summer school program. 


What is the teacher to student ratio?

The teaching ratio is two trained Montessori teachers and one teaching aide to 30 children. Rather than lecturing to large or small groups of children, the teachers are trained to teach one child at a time, and to oversee thirty or more children working on a broad array of tasks.


Does my child need to have been in a Montessori program to transfer to the Elementary program?

We accept students without previous experience in a Montessori classroom on a case by case basis. Typically students who are able to adapt more readily to the independent learning style have an easier transition.


What happens to my child after completing the Primary Program?

We are happy to let our prospective parents know that we are licensed under Elementary and Secondary Schools and, most of our kindergarten age students transition into our Elementary Program.


Do you offer music, art, or any other special classes?

Music: Music is incorporated into the daily curriculum of our Primary students through songs at circle time and through the study of the composer of the month. Our Music Teachers also provides formal music instruction to all our students, 6 years through 12 years.

Art: Art is also incorporated into the daily curriculum of our Primary students through practical life activities and the study of the artist of the month. Our Art Teacher provides formal art classes for all Elementary students where they explore a variety of media.

Physical Education: Physical Education is incorporated into the Primary students' curriculum through outdoor play as well as movement activities within the classroom. Elementary and kindergarten students have a more formal physical education curriculum. Yoga is offered once a week school wide.

Do you have an outdoor play area?

Yes, we have an enclosed natural playground with play structures and room to run and play. We also have a school garden in which the students and parents are greatly involved in.

Why do you have a school uniform?

School uniforms improve learning by reducing distraction, sharpening focus on schoolwork and making the classroom a more serious environment, allowing students to perform better academically. Perhaps most importantly, a uniform means students don’t have to worry about peer pressure when it comes to their clothes. When everyone is dressed the same, there is a sense of community.

Do you have an Open House? When can I visit?

We hold several Open Houses throughout the school year. Open House provides parents with an opportunity to tour the school, visit in the classroom, meet the staff, and talk with parents of currently enrolled students. Parents and children are welcome to attend. We schedule school tours and observations on an individual basis. 


What is the application process?

You may submit your application for the next school year at any time; We typically accept students based on a first-come, first-served basis, with some exceptions. Preference is given for siblings of current and past students, as well as for students transferring from other Montessori schools. We also try to maintain a balance of boys and girls and age groups within each class. Notification of acceptance is sent two weeks after a completed application is received with enrollment deposits typically due within two weeks of notification. The enrollment deposit secures a spot for your child. We continue to accept students until all classrooms are full. Applications received after the classrooms are filled are put on a waiting list. For more information see the Admissions page.


Does my child need to attend the tour?

Yes, your child must be present during the tour. We cannot conduct the tour in the absence of your child. Decision notification is sent shortly after your child's visit. Primary Program applicants tour on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings at 9:30am during regular school hours and 10:30am during Saturday Open Houses. Elementary applicants tour on Wednesday afternoons from 1:30pm.


What would be some benefits of enrolling my child at Princeton Preparatory School? ​

Some benefits only unique to Princeton Preparatory School include but are not limited to:

  1. Warm home like environment

  2. School community gardening

  3. Cultural diversity of students and teachers

  4. Classroom app with daily periodic updates and pictures of your child at school

  5. Emphasis on developing strong writing skills at an early age including cursive

  6. Emphasis on music in our curriculum. Piano, Glockenspiel, Songs and Rhymes

  7. We follow the Montessori Method

  8. Natural Playground. Rubber mulch and playgrounds have tested to be toxic 

  9. Multi-age classrooms help students learn from, and support, one another

  10. Children learn at their own pace

  11. Spanish language programs included in curriculum

  12. Emphasis on speaking skills and expressing opinions elaborately and respectfully

  13. Reading to learn (as opposed to learning to read)

  14. Christian teachers and staff further enhancing our Christian environment

  15. Degreed teachers with additional Montessori training for their grade levels

  16. Great emphasis on Physical education in our curriculum

  17. Foreign languages. Spanish for preschool and both French and Spanish for Elementary

  18. Active volunteer program that promotes family time and giving back

  19. Public Speaking skills and classroom presentations for all our students

  20. Small school environment that ensures safety of the school community


How much does it cost for tuition?

Please see our Tuition page.


Where are you Located?

Princeton Preparatory Schools is located at 2721 Summers Street, Kennesaw GA 30144 in downtown Kennesaw.