The faculty and staff of Princeton Preparatory Schools are a passionate group of educators who are devoted to creating and sustaining an environment of respect and joyful learning for children and families.

 Administrative Staff

Faith Wangunyu

(Ms. Faith)

Head of School

Thank you for visiting our website. I am the founder and owner of Princeton Preparatory Schools. I moved to the United States in 2010 from my native country Kenya. After working at various local childcare facilities while attending Kennesaw State University, I noted the immediate need for quality childcare in the area. I felt that the children needed practical life activities, nature studies, music, and engaging foreign languages and culture studies which I implemented in all classrooms and witnessed positive results.

Three years later, I was required to observe the Montessori classroom at Kennesaw State's Montessori Department as part of my International Affairs and leadership studies coursework. I was impressed by the Montessori Method. It not only reminded me of my preschool years, but surpassed everything I thought a preschool should be. I knew this is what this community needed. With the help and the guidance of Dr. Feland Meadows, then head of the Montessori training program at Kennesaw State, Princeton Preparatory was opened on January 30th, 2015. Although my background is in International Relations, I feel at home in a Montessori classroom. In my spare time, I love to cook, travel and volunteer at my church.

Kelly Firchow

(Ms. Kelly)

School Administrator

Kelly graduated from  Western Kentucky University with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Social Studies and an Associate of General Studies degree with an emphasis in Paralegal Studies. Throughout her professional years, she has worked in various administrative roles primarily in the legal field. Here at Princeton, she manages all administrative tasks as well as maintain the State's and Montessori accreditation guidelines.


Kelly is the point of contact with all parents entering Princeton Preparatory. Her warm personality radiates to everyone around her and especially to the children. When not in the office, she is often found in the classroom working with children. She is particularly fond of reading to the children.


When not at the school, Kelly loves traveling. She lives in Woodstock GA, with her husband whom she travels with. She is mother to two sons.

 Teaching Faculty and Staff

Jenny Bills

(Mrs. Bills)

Elementary Teacher 

“I have a passion for faith-based education and how our faith can apply to all areas of learning and engaging with others.” 

Jenny Bills graduated from Messiah College in Grantham, PA with a bachelor’s degree in elementary education in 1991, married in 1995, and raised three children in NH and later GA where she and her family relocated in 2011. For the last six years, she owned an antique business called Pickled Pear. She has also been a media page administrator for three businesses in NH, WV, and GA. Mrs. Bills is the lead lower and upper elementary teacher at Princeton.

Jenny loves being around children, exhibited by her years of Sunday school teaching, camp staff, youth group leadership, and her passion of working with children. She loves animals, scrapbooking, designing ads, and jewelry design.


Liyomi Fernando

(Ms. Liyomi)

Primary Teacher

Liyomi Fernando is an Early Childhood American Montessori Society (AMS) certified primary teacher. She obtained her Early Childhood Degree at the Open University of Sri Lanka, an AMI Certification, and Child Psychology Certification from the Colombo Teacher Training Institute. Mrs. Liyomi is also a field consultant at the Montessori Teacher Education Institute of Atlanta.

Prior to joining Princeton Preparatory Schools, Mrs. Liyomi worked as a Montessori Primary Teacher at Florida International College - Colombo. She continued her Montessori teaching after moving to the United States and has overall experience of 17 years in Montessori teaching. 

She strongly believes in the Montessori method and strives to bring her knowledge into each and every student she comes upon. She currently lives in Acworth with her husband and two boys.

Patricia Serrano

(Ms. Patricia)

Primary Teacher

Patricia Serrano has been caring for the children since 2005. She is married and has one daughter.

When Mrs. Serrano first visited a Montessori school, she was impressed with the materials, the way the teachers approached the children and, the calm and peace the children exuded. She obtained an assistant teaching position in a Montessori school soon after. After working with children for over five years, she decided to become a Montessori teacher at took the training at Kennesaw State University.


Mrs. Serrano enjoys being a teacher. "I treasure the natural learning process that occurs in the Montessori Classroom. I love to watch children learn through their own experiences and interests. As a Montessori teacher, this is the main responsibility that I provide to children in my care."


Melissa Salania

(Ms. Melissa)

Toddler Teacher

Melissa Salania chose Montessori Education as her concentration while in college because she realized that the approach helped children reach their full potential in all areas of life, - touching the cognitive, physical, social, physical and emotional being, at the child's pace, therefore helping students be well rounded.


She has a bachelors degree in Early Childhood Education with a concentration in Montessori Education from Kennesaw State University.


Ms. Melissa is married to her high school sweetheart Steve, and together they have three boys.

Prior to joining Princeton Preparatory Schools, Melissa worked in both public and private Montessori schools, and has taught Sunday school children at her church for the last 10 years.


Mrs. Clark is a native of Barranquilla - Colombia. She graduated from Universidad Metropolitana with a Degree in Psychology. After graduation, she worked as a trainer in various industries including the Colombian Air Force, Avianca Airlines, Kraft Foods Company, Alpha Insurance, and Liberty Insurance Corp. She later attained training in occupational health.


Before joining Princeton Preparatory Schools, Mrs. Clark worked for the Cobb County School System as a Spanish teacher. 


Mrs. Clark met her husband 15 years ago. After getting married, she moved to Acworth, Georgia where she lives with her son and husband. 

Margoth Clark

(Ms. Margie)

Primary Assistant Teacher

Samantha Cleek is currently in college to be an elementary teacher. She has extensive experience working with children. 

She joins Princeton Preparatory School as the lead teacher in our afterschool program. 


She will also teach Spanish in the afternoon.


Mrs. Cleek loves to teach children at her church in Woodstock where she also lives with her husband.

Samantha Cleek

(Ms. Samantha)

Primary Assistant Teacher

Hayden Dodson is attending Kennesaw State University. She worked at Arbor Montessori school in Tucker Georgia before joining Princeton Preparatory School.

Hayden is majoring in psychology.


She has always had a love for children and hopes to work with children after completing her degree. Hayden is an after-school support teacher in our afterschool program.


During her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, exercise and listening to music.

Hayden Dodson

(Ms. Hayden)

After-school Support Teacher

Caleb Butz

(Coach Caleb)

P.E Teacher

My name is Caleb Butz, and I am excited to be part of Princeton Preparatory Schools.

I have been playing sports since I could pick up a ball and walk. I have played both football and soccer for eight years, I ran track, swam on a swim team, played basketball, and made up all sorts of games in my cul-de-sac with my family and neighbors.

I am a freshman at Kennesaw State University where I am studying exercise science in hope to one day be a physical therapist. I have also been a Sunday school teacher at my church for quite a few years. I love coming up with creative ways to help the kids learn.

In my free time, I like to play guitar, be outside, play any game, or read my favorite book series, Michael Vey.

Lisa Bergquist, is a yoga instructor at Princeton Preparatory Schools. Lisa has a lot of experience teaching yoga to both children and adults.


She integrates yoga and reading in her classes. Reading meaningful and engaging books can really add to a child's experience of yoga and mindfulness. When we chose relevant books for our kids, we provide opportunities to connect more to themselves and the world around them by  seeing themselves in the characters that they are reading about. 


Lisa is married, mother of two creative boys, three rambunctious dogs and four crafty cats. In her spare  time, she loves cooking and traveling. Each day has something in common for Lisa: it begins with yoga!

Lisa Bergquist

(Ms. Lisa)

 Yoga Instructor