Princeton Preparatory is a Christian community that seeks to make an outstanding impact for the good of society through its students, and by the quality of its teaching and leadership in education. Our philosophy is to help students learn more about themselves and God’s created world. This is done by providing opportunities for students to develop a Christian worldview by integrating life and all studies with the Bible encouraging critical thinking through the Montessori Method with focuses on environmental stewardship and global studies.  

  1. We believe that early childhood is the foundation for everything that follows. In the first six years of life, children develop beliefs and attitudes about themselves and their place in the world. They develop confidence and maintain a sense of wonder, and curiosity when they are in an environment that respects their individuality and their limitless capacity as learners.

  2. We believe that children hold the future in their hearts, minds, and souls and that education should be an “education for life.”  It must provide the opportunity for children to learn in an atmosphere of respect, kindness, and belief in each child’s potential. Independence and autonomy are celebrated and supported.

  3. We believe the culture of Princeton Preparatory Schools is one of its greatest strengths. It is a culture of respect, inclusion, warmth, curiosity, acceptance, collaboration, and joyful learning.  We are a community of adults and children for whom learning is a life-long process. In our school, adults serve as mentors, friends, and guides.

  4. We believe that parents are a child’s foremost teachers and that parent education, support, and partnership play an important role in maximizing a child’s experience at school.

  5. We believe that mixed-age groups provide the optimum classroom environment. Our classrooms promote an atmosphere that is collaborative rather than competitive. Every child is unique and, as such, learns at his or her own pace based upon personal interest. A three-year age span offers modeling for the youngest children and the experience of being leaders for the oldest children.

  6. We believe in the Montessori theory of education. Based on the nature of human development, our authentic Montessori experience offers “a natural place to learn” for every child.  This is a place where choice, movement, participation, and self-expression are integral to the child’s experience.

Princeton Preparatory Schools was founded in January 2015, and is part of a larger Montessori community that has existed in the Atlanta area for over 30 years.  We are the first Montessori school in the Greater Atlanta area to integrate the Montessori method with Christian education in addition to offering nature and global studies for grade school education, and our early childhood programs.

We believe Montessori education should be within the reach of all, regardless of income. It is for this reason that we intentionally set our tuition at a rate that is comparable or lower than other private schools in the greater Atlanta area. We also provide a sibling discount as well as tuition adjustment for families in need. For more information on these programs, see our admissions page.

Princeton Preparatory Schools is a nature based independent Christian school dedicated to nurturing the academic and holistic development of children age 2 years to 5th grade embracing the philosophy and methods of Dr. Maria Montessori. At the heart of our school lies a deep love and respect for children at every stage of their development. We believe that each child is on a path to “becoming;” it is our privilege as educators to offer every child our full support along this path. We honor each child’s individuality, while offering an education that helps the child develop socially, emotionally, and academically. We do this by providing a stimulating and beautiful environment in which our students feel safe to explore and make discoveries about themselves, their world, and their relationships while mastering skills that build self-confident, lifelong learners. We celebrate developmental milestones instead of grade levels. Our programs embrace diversity and, cultural studies are highly emphasized in our curriculum. We have an international community from 19 countries.