The outdoor classroom offers many opportunities and benefits to our community of students. To begin, the children all have access to an outdoor area directly off their classroom. Through the use of decks, patios, and outdoor grassy areas, the children are allowed to choose to work in an environment that has the added aspect of being outdoors. This offers a sense of independence; the child is working in an area that feels separated, but is in real terms highly visible to the teachers and other students. Many children find that the feeling of working outside is an added comfort and many find inspiration in the company of nature.

The outdoor environment offers the opportunity to learn through observation in an enjoyable and inspiring way. Children naturally become observers when they step outdoors. We believe that natural inspiration is the key to loving learning and making discoveries. Children come alive when allowed to explore their outdoor environment. In addition to our natural outdoor classroom is another more structured environment; the Princeton Garden. In our garden, children have the hands on experience of tending and nurturing a garden plot through the seasons. All ages work in this environment and feel pride in the work that makes a garden.