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Welcome to Princeton

Princeton Preparatory Schools is a community that values faith in Jesus, service, and quality education. Established in 2015 in a single classroom, Princeton has grown to include over 30 nationalities from around the world serving toddlers to 3rd graders, and a satellite school serving the same in Nairobi, Kenya.
Our community was founded on faith, Montessori principles of self-directed activity, experiential learning and mentoring, community, and a prepared environment. We embrace the Small Schools Initiative where schools enroll less than 200 students allowing students to have more individualized instruction from teachers in an intimate setting. 
Nurtured in a positive learning environment, a multifaceted curriculum, school-wide events and extra-curriculars, Princeton students thrive both individually and communally.

While our model is informed by the Montessori Method in a Christian environment, our story is shaped by our community, and the new story we will build together. We are excited to take this journey together with your family. Welcome to Princeton!
Princeton Preparatory Schools
Our beautifully prepared Montessori environment enables students to develop a love for learning, a sense of order, concentration and independence.
Our mission exists to share a  school culture and curriculum that reflects cultural and ethnic diversity, celebrating each child's uniqueness at Princeton.
Young children learn best by imitating o
 Empowering students to share their knowledge and allowing them to lead the way is the best way to promote dynamic learning that lasts a lifetime.

We are More Than

Just a School

We are a community that nurtures partnership with families, building the foundation of success for each child.
While we keep God at the center of our school, we follow the educational philosophy of Maria Montessori and we align our curriculum with state standards so that your child will meet and exceed what is expected of them.


Re - Imagined

Fixed - Rate Tuition

Our Fixed-Rate Tuition has come at a time when independent schools are finding that their decades-old tuition models aren't working and people are looking for an authentic, sustainable alternative. 

Simply put, Fixed-Rate Tuition is exactly what it sounds like. Your child's tuition rates are fixed. This means that, despite any fluctuation in the economy, you will pay the same amount in tuition for every year your child is enrolled at Princeton. 

This rate includes tuition, the arts, music, foreign languages and all school programs.

Upcoming Events

February 14th, 2024
Valentines Day Flower Swap

Maria Montessori developed practical life activities to help children grow into independent-thinking adults. The children will cut, arrange and share flowers with each other on Valentines Day.

Feb. 19th, - Feb. 22nd 
Parent Teacher Conferences

Our Spring conferences will be held  from Monday February 19th to Thursday February 22nd. This is a time to meet with your child's teacher to discuss their social, physical and academic progress. 

February 23rd, 2024
School Closed

We will have an early release week from Monday February 19th to Thursday February 22nd. School will close at 12:30pm and conferences will begin immediately after. There will be no school on Friday February 23rd.


Tel: 678-813-5266
2721 Summers Street, 
Kennesaw, GA 30144



Monday - Friday

8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Location: Elementary Building

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