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Primary: Developing a Love for Learning

3 Years - 6 Years

The Primary program is truly a gift to your child. Designed for children between the ages of 3 to 6 years, it is an opportunity to nurture their individual development within the context of a group setting. The result? Self confidence, joy and a life long love-for-learning.


When children work, learn and grow together, they learn much more than any of them could learn alone.

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It's a Mixed Age Classroom


Because the Montessori curriculum is individualized, your child can work at his or her own pace while participating in a mixed age classroom community.


The younger child learns by observing the behavior and activities of the older children. The older child gains self confidence, leadership skills and responsibility by setting an example for her younger friends.

The Primary classroom is a nurturing, caring place where older children act as leaders and role models much as older siblings do in a large family. Our students are excited to take this journey together forming strong bonds.

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Teacher and Child Bond


Our Montessori certified teachers choose this career because of their love for children and dedication to Montessori. Their depth of training and knowledge is amplified by the joyful and deep relationship they develop with your child throughout the three year journey together.

In a Montessori classroom, teachers assess students on a daily basis, using their observations of each child’s interactions in the environment and with peers. They use their knowledge of child development and academic outcomes to prepare an environment that is simultaneously stimulating and academically, physically, socially, and emotionally accessible.

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Child-Not Teacher Centered


Unlike conventional classrooms, where all children are expected to pay close attention to the teacher, our program does the opposite – the teacher is trained to closely observe your child’s interests, tendencies and needs. You won’t see the teacher standing at the front of the classroom at a chalkboard, but rather down at your child’s level, engaged with her or a small group.

Your child will be introduced to a broad range of concepts and activities in individual and small group lessons. The real learning, occurs through independent activity by choosing to explore it, repeat it and perfect it.

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One Size Does Not Fit All


Instead of a top down curriculum based on age, the teacher is trained to respect your child’s unique potential and connects him with the lesson best suited at that precise moment of development.


Your child will be challenged according to her ability, not to a generic standard.


The children respond by developing a sense of classroom ownership and a drive to care for it, further deepening the bonds of the community and their quest to learn.

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Christian Education


What gives your children something to lean on? Something to help them socialize? Something to help them have a moral compass?


A faith background can cover all these bases and more, regardless of the type of faith. It gives children a sense of purpose, of a story bigger than their own, and can help them navigate our complicated world.

Throughout the day, our children learn the importance of faith through prayer, reading the bible, songs, learning from the stories in the bible which they all love, and most importantly, learning to love God and others.


Kindergarten Included


Montessori is a continuum of education that allows your child to build upon his or her experiences each year. Your child will stay in the Primary classroom for 3 years, including the traditional “kindergarten year” – when the seeds of learning come to fruition. Reading and writing come to life from sounds and symbols. Your child is introduced to numbers and the decimal system. Children learn about geometric figures and the political countries of our world. They leave the program with a strong set of academic skills; but, far more importantly, with the attitude that learning is fun, exciting and boundless. At this point, they are ready to move up to the Elementary Program, for children from the ages of 6 to 12.


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