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Aftercare is available to currently enrolled Princeton students. Designed as an extension of the school day, our aftercare program provides a safe, caring and fun environment with interactive games and supervised play. A healthy snack is provided, and we spend time outside on most days. 


Aftercare is offered from 3:30pm until 5:30pm Monday-Friday. You are welcome to choose the days and hours that suit your children’s needs and those of your family. Parents who are not registered in aftercare can add single-day registrations throughout the semester. If your child is not registered in our monthly aftercare program, please register your child before 2:00pm each day. The cost of daily aftercare registration is $20.The individual dates form is available throughout the semester on an ongoing basis, but registrations must be received by 2:00pm on the day aftercare is needed.



Aftercare program ends at 5:30pm. If you arrive early to pick up your child, please walk to the door to pick up your child. Please also notify us on the classroom app if you are running late and note the late pick-up policy upon registration of $1.50 per minute after 5:30 pm.

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