At Princeton Preparatory Schools, we have created a program specifically for children who have not previously attended our school with birthdays falling in the fall after the Kindergarten cut off enrollment date! We call it our Bridge Class. Children who leave our Bridge program will be prepared for a successful experience in public school Kindergarten.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Promote physical readiness for academic study in reading and writing through games, art, and other fine and gross movement activities.
  2. Offer children outdoor learning opportunities as much as possible.
  3. Help children continue to develop social-emotional skills to form positive relationships with family, friends, in multi-aged social groups and teachers.
  4. Help children practice strong communication skills to confidently get their needs met in polite ways, building a confident sense of self and kind leadership skills.
  5. Teach children basic skills needed for cooperative navigation in a classroom setting such as taking turns, waiting in line, and raising a hand and waiting to be called on.
  6. Introduce children to basics of language, reading, math and social studies while developing strong eye-hand coordination and the fine motor skills needed to write.
  7. Play games that involve ordering, sequencing, adding, subtracting and dividing that are physical, practical and social in nature.


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